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Retractable Awnings and Sunscreens

Retractable Awnings:
    Retractable awnings are truly the champagne of shade structures.
They in essence allow you to have your cake and eat it too. Shade is available at the push of a button. These mechanized stalwarts are wall or roof mounted and can project out up to 12' (17' commercial application available). With the turn of a crank or the press of a button, shade is available on demand.  All retractable awnings can be operated with the turn of a crank or motorized, and moved in and out by operating a remote control. Liquid Canvas is privileged to be San Diego's sole distributor of the Italian made " ARQUATI " system.
Features include; anodized aluminum components, stainless hardwear with custom end caps, and the innovative teflon straps in the spring loaded arms that resist corrosion.  Our retractables are readily available with an install turnaround of 1-2 weeks . Any stripe or solid color canvas is yours for the choosing.

Sunscreens are basically a retractable vertical shade , instead of moving laterally in and out, these units simply move up and down. Like the retractables, they can be operated manually or motorized with a remote control.

90% shade screens in a multitude of colors are available and allow the user the luxury (and privacy) of seeing outside while significantly cutting the heat and glare of sunlight. Drop-rolls are a heavier duty version of a sunscreen and are employed to block wind or enclose a patio thus providing warmth during cooler months. Clear vinyl inserts are available to increase visibility.    
Both sunscreens and drop-rolls come with five year warranties. They also have the added value of the " now you see it, now you don't "application like the retractable awnings.

awnings and canvas products
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Liquid Canvas Awnings north county custom awnings and canvas products